November 30-December 22, 2023


World Premiere

Written and Created by Roger Bean

It’s 1965. A few years ago, Denny and the gang achieved overnight fame when they won the WOPR Radio “Dream of a Lifetime Talent Search” as “Denny and the Dreamers.” After a few years of touring and having a taste of the big time, the fledgling group broke up over slights and grievances, mostly petty and non-existent. In this holiday sequel, the gang gets back together to perform again as a group for the Christmas Bazaar at Wally’s church. Denny and Eugene won’t speak to each other, Duke and Lois are in the middle of an un-acknowledged marital spat, and Wally is left to broker the peace for Christmas. Filled with great 60s doo-wop hits and holiday classics.

Calendar for Sh-Boom! A Christmas Miracle

Getting Here

Fallon House Theatre

11175 Washington St.
​Columbia, CA 95310

11175 Washington St

11175 Washington St, Columbia, CA 95310, USA