Reports to: Artistic Director and Executive Producer

Job Type:   Full-time.   Salaried:  $40,000/yr + health

The Sound Designer/Resident Operator is responsible for sound production for all shows and events; including, but not limited to, designing, editing, programming all sound plots; setting up, striking & running any and all SRT-related events, including educational shows; training and managing any guest sound ops; maintaining all sound equipment; responsible for any SRT sound-related duties as requested by the Producer.

Sierra Rep employees derive deep personal fulfillment from the exemplary completion of their duties, and in the flexibility required to respond to emergent challenges and opportunities, in accomplishment of the evolving work of the theatre.

Examples of Duties:

Serves as sound designer for all mainstage shows in the East Sonora and Fallon House Theatres, including events sponsored by other organizations.

Responsible for installing and maintaining all microphone plots as needed for every show; maintenance and care for all microphones during performances; programming during tech-week, working with director, stage manager and Artistic Director; running all musical performances, including musical tracks and mixing of microphones.

When live musicians are employed, managing and mixing all instruments, including set-ups and strikes.

Plan, research and engineer different practical elements, sfx and all musical tracking for use in all productions.

Conducts channel check before every performance.

Responsible for repair and maintenance of sound department equipment.

Serves as a resource for guest musical directors.

Maintains a safe and clean work/shop environment.

Performs other related work as required.


2-3 years of professional experience in similar position.

Working knowledge of all technical production and performance aspects of theatre.

Must have strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills.

Exceptional computer skills.

Ability to work productively under time pressures and meet deadlines.

Equipment utilized by SRT:

QLab, Vegas Video, and SoundForge.

Our boards are a Soundcraft si Impact and a Behringer X32.

A knowledge of programming/running QLab is preferred. Knowledge of DAW usage in general is helpful even if not fluent in Soundforge or Vegas.  General knowledge of Outlook, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Apple products including the iPad and Mac Mini are needed.

Other Requirements:

Possess a valid driver’s license and have access to a vehicle for transportation to and from business related events.

Work Conditions:

Ability to work long hours when required and work with a flexible schedule.

Must be willing to work at heights (comfortable on tall ladders), when necessary to hang microphones or speakers with possible exposure to noise, vibration, and dust.

Must be willing to travel and work at various sites.

Ability to work safely in an environment containing potentially hazardous electrical equipment, fumes, and/or materials.

Physical Demands:

Must possess sufficient strength and stamina to lift and carry up to 50 pounds.

Must be able to perform physical activities such as, but not limited to, lifting, bending, standing, climbing, and/or walking.


To apply for this position, send your cover letter and CV to Artistic Director Jerry Lee,