PROFESSIONAL MASTERCLASSES: SRT’s Professional Guest Artists (Actors, Designers, Directors) are here to provide classes for your students. Masterclasses provide students with a deeper understanding of vocational opportunities in the arts.

New 2020 Virtual Masterclasses!

We are thrilled to announce new 2020 SRT Jr. Masterclasses with guest instructors Lulu Lloyd, Michael Misko and Sierra Boggess (original “Ariel” in the Broadway production of Disney’s The Little Mermaid)! Click the link below to visit our new SRT Jr. enrollment website hosted by CourseStorm.


SRT JR WORKSHOP PRODUCTIONS: Musical Theatre workshop productions for ages 5-17. Every SRT Jr participant can expect to gain an understanding of acting, proper singing techniques, stage terminology, basic music theory, movement and dance, and what goes into the operation of a professional live theatre. Students will be guided to properly utilize their time backstage vs. onstage, learn theatre etiquette and understand that their instructors/directors are there to nurture and develop their committed and dedicated talents. 2021 Workshop Production titles and dates to be announced.

BE A STAR . . . IN YOUR LIVING ROOM: We know that times are tough right now and you may be looking for creative ways to engage the whole family. That’s why we decided to try something new: SRT at Home! We encourage our SRT Jr students (and anyone who is interested for that matter) to use their free time to create their own play (or movie), record it and share it with our eager audience!

Here’s how we’d like to see this work:

  1. Write your own script. It can be original or adapted material. The entire play should only be between 3-4 minutes max.
  2. Cast your play with members of your “at home” family. We discourage anyone from breaking California’s shelter-in-place order.
  3. Direct and rehearse your original play for at least five days. This will give you the opportunity to process your work and make any revisions to your script.
    Then… set up your camera to capture your final performance! Once you have recorded your play, send it our way and we’ll add it to Sierra Rep’s YouTube channel so that all participants can see each other’s work. Some videos may be chosen to be shared on Sierra Rep’s social media accounts and website!

For more information, contact